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What is the difference between PVC sheets and other materials, and what are the advantages of using PVC sheets in the construction industry


What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common and versatile thermoplastic, especially known as a pipe and fitting material for residential and commercial plumbing applications. PVC is also used to make floors, cabinets, countertops, and many other useful things.

What are the advantages of using  PVC sheet in the construction industry
PVC is a durable material that is highly resistant to weather, which is why it is often used in building and construction. It is also resistant to chemicals and does not conduct electricity, critical for high-tech applications such as wire and cable.

What are the advantages of choosing PVC board for cabinets

Economical: PVC is economical, much cheaper than wooden cabinets.

Hollow core boards are cheaper and foam boards are stronger.

You can choose according to your budget and length of stay.

Easy to install: PVC materials for kitchen cabinets do not require any additional fastening as they are ready-made boards.

They are lightweight and easy to install in the kitchen.

They don’t even need extra laminate or any design to fit.

Zero Maintenance: PVC cabinets are easy to clean and care for.

They don’t leave any stains, so they don’t require any extra care.

Termite Resistant: If your house has PVC cabinets installed, you don’t have to worry about damage from termites, wood borers or other insects.

PVC material is termite-free, oil-proof and waterproof.

Easy to replace: PVC materials are readily available in the market, and it is easy to replace PVC boards and panels in case of any damage.

Durability: There is no doubt that PVC panels are more durable than any other material available.

They can last longer without causing any trouble.



Types of PVC board

There are two types of PVC panels on the market.

Details are as follows:

Foam board: Foam board is not as glossy as hollow board and relatively expensive.

Foam board is strong, non-toxic, termite-proof, more durable and hygienic.

Hollow board: Compared with foam board, hollow board is very economical and shiny.

They are lightweight and easy to install.

The hollow board is not fire-resistant and has poor durability.

The following are the advantages of PVC. They’ll help you know if you should have them installed in your home.


Easy to install.

PVC is budget friendly.

PVC is moisture resistant.

Termites will not infect PVC cabinets.

PVC can hold considerable weight.

Choosing PVC material is more affordable than other materials, and it is also durable, moisture and water resistant.

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