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PVC foam board (wbt09)

PVC foam board (wbt09)

PVC foam board is also called Chevron board or Andy board, its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride, so it is also called foamed polyvinyl chloride board. It is widely used in passenger cars, train car roofs, box core layers, interior decoration panels, …

Product Details

product description

PVC foam board is also called Chevron board or Andy board, its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride, so it is also called foamed polyvinyl chloride board. It is widely used in passenger cars, train car roofs, box core layers, interior decoration panels, building exterior wall panels, interior decoration panels, offices, residences, building compartment foaming in public places, etc. PVC foam board is processed equally with wood, and its processing performance is far superior to that of wood. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum, and composite boards.

Product specification: 1220*2440mm (can be customized)

Product thickness: free foaming 3mm-20mm; crust foaming 2mm-25mm

Product density: 0.32-0.8

Product color: white, black, yellow, green, blue, red, and other colors


1. PVC foam board has sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound absorption, heat insulation, shockproof and other properties.

2. Moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-absorbent, acid and alkali resistant.

3. Light in texture, convenient for storage, transportation and construction.

4. The product is opaque, with a matte surface and can be printed.

5. It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing when away from the fire.

6. After adding color masterbatch, the product can be made into various colors.

7. After the weather-resistant formula is made, its color can be kept unchanged for a long time, and it is not easy to age.

8. PVC foam board can be drilled, sawed, nailed, planed, glued, etc. like wood. Generally, it can be constructed after wood processing.

Performance of PVC foam board

1. Environmental protection: PVC foam board seems to have a lot of formaldehyde in interior decoration. We are all very aware of the harm of formaldehyde to the human body, precisely because so many people are disgusted with products containing formaldehyde. So now more and more products are beginning to take the road of environmental protection and health. The PVC foam board is a kind of renewable and sustainable use, for the protection of the earth’s environment and natural ecological resources, it is small in size but very important.

2. Environmental resistance: PVC foam board can withstand most organic solvents and other inorganic acids, alkalis or salts used in materials or chemical preservatives.

3. Electrical properties: PVC foam board is a polymer product with good electrical properties, but relatively speaking, corona resistance is more general, suitable for low voltage and low frequency use between the insulating materials.

Product Usage

1. Panels for interior decoration of passenger cars, train carriages, ceilings, box cores, etc.; under normal circumstances, such a product is mainly used for shelter or waterproofing, and it will also play a very important role in some buildings. The role of good decoration.

2. PVC foam boards are used in building exterior wall panels and interior decoration boards; office, residential, and public building compartments, commercial decorative frames, clean room boards, and ceiling boards; PVC foam boards are also used It can be used for some interior decoration, as long as it is placed on the top, it can also produce good visual effects. In addition, signs of the application of this product can be seen on the exterior walls of some relatively large buildings. Of course, there will be corresponding applications in some relatively large offices or living houses, which can be used as partitions. Although the sound insulation is not particularly good, it can make the space more convenient to use.

3. Screen printing, advertising labeling, exhibition board production, logo boards, photo frame album boards;

4. PVC foam board is used in chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoforming parts, cold storage boards, special cold insulation projects, environmental protection board molds, and sports equipment.

Production Process

The production process of PVC is not complicated. The ordinary production line is generally composed of a rolling machine, a printing machine, a back coating machine and a cutting machine. Films of 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm are produced and printed on the front of the film by a printing machine, and a layer of back coating is attached to the back of the film by a back coating machine. Don’t underestimate this layer of back coating, it is an important guarantee for the performance of PVC film. The back coating is composed of special materials and is a high-energy affinity agent. It is because of this back coating that the PVC film can be tightly integrated with the medium-density board or other boards, and the glue will not be opened for ten or even fifteen years. The problem with ordinary face masks is that they cannot solve the problem of film shedding. Since the entire production process is carried out at high temperature (the temperature in the rolling machine reaches 220 degrees), this makes the PVC film have high light resistance and fire resistance, ensuring the high quality of the PVC film. , breeding materials, seaside moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, etc.




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